In the stotra Vangmaya, the most widely known is Mukundamala in Sanskrit, comprising 40 slokas written by Kulasekhara who had ruled over the Malayala kingdom (Kerala) in South India. Perumal Tirumozhi (the part of the first thousand out of four thousand Divya Prabandhas) is the Tamil work of his name sake, who is ranked as one among the Alwars. We find the infatuation of the Alwar to Sri Ranganatha and SriRama in Perumal Tirumozhi where as we understood the fascination for SriKrishna in Mukundamala, I hold no brief for the conjecture that the two works belong to the same author.

The existing translations of Mukundamala run either in the vein of advaita theism or visishtadvaita theism. I have attempted a novel interpretation using Katapayadi numerals wherever necessary. Suffice it to say that Kulasekhara emphasizes on unalloyed devotion to the Lord Krishna, indispensable for the well-being of the humans.

This book Mukundamala authored by Iranganti RangaCharya contains original Sanskrit Slokas, Transliteration, word-meaning, Translation, Notes. The first two stanzas are mentioned below for the perusal and understanding of the readers. Please contact the author for the book.