The book “Jyotishaphalaratnamala” is a verse commentary by Krishna mishra. This evidently is based on Jaimini school of Astrology.

This old commentary has no translations so far except for the fact that it’s translation in Telugu is written by me and published in 2011.

This wonderful book includes results based on Arudha, Drashta, Kevala and Yogada planets.

This book very usefully deals with Argala Rajayogas, Avayogas, various other Lagnas, and their corresponding Yogas results.

Besides, it is of much use in predicting dasa results, bhava results based on gochara transits. Though he says that this could be known from a sanskrit commentary viz Kalpalata written by his son, it is not up to the mark because of interpolations and other various mistakes. However, one can take much use of this predictive work by the simultaneous study of Jaimini Sutramritam, A Manual of Jaimini Astrology written by the same author. The study of Jaimini is incomplete if this Plaratnamala is not studied and understood.