Jaimini Sutramritam

Is jaimini Maharishi Pre-Parasara or post-Parasara?  It’s a matter of controversy. An aphorism or sutra is a short  ,unambiguous quintessential,faultless and alround saying. so we need wide and proper commentaries to understand the sutras. A good commentary is marked by word – separation,word- meaning,sentence- construction and reply for  prima facie argument. Luckily for chapters  I&II of jaimini sutras ,we have a reuted sanskrit commentary ,written 300 years ago, by the erudite Neelakantta.

krishna mishra wrote Phalaratnamala,a Sanskrit verse exposition of jaimini system of astrology.He says in his book that kalpalatha , written by his son,Somanath ,is the commentary of his work. Description of various lagnas,Argala and Transits has a key place in these works.Raghavabhatta,s Jathaka Sara sangraha was printed with its Telugu translation in 1886 A.D.Sutrardha Prakasika of Nrisimha Suri is the sanskrit verse exposition of jaimini sutras. various sign dasas are dealt in these two works. But these works are not popularised  by the scholars till now , since the commentaries are incomplete and unclear lacking sutra wise  correlation. Twelve years back , I wrote a sutra wise commentary for the first two chapters of Jaimini Sutras in Sanskrit clearly, free from paradoxes,without contravening vridha karikas. Thus my jaimini sutramritam (Sanskrit and Telugu)was published in 1991. I hope Indian and western astrologer- scholars wood consider the worth of this book(Sanskrit and English) too. And I am now sure jaimini would be propoerly understood and practised by many.